“Hear The Music” Mental Health Awareness Golf Classic

18 Aug

“Hear The Music” Mental Health Awareness Golf Classic

On Saturday, September 17, 2022 The Friends Of Ayers Foundation will be hosting its inaugural Golf Classic at Crystal Lake Golf & Country Club. I have learned that this is a very challenging effort and it takes A LOT of effort and help. I have the vision and the help of two awesome people. Started off with four, but “it is what it is.” The people I thought would step up, well just didn’t. I know how tough it is to volunteer with a busy schedule. So thank you for the effort.

FOAF is extremely grateful for the sponsorship of Valor Xpedite, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Callaway Golf, South East Roofing & Gutters and from several people who just care and wanted to make a donation. We certainly hope more will come in soon to make this Golf Classic one that golfers will look forward to every year.

Let’s just talk about it! Mental Health Awareness belongs everywhere. It belongs in ALL sports and in every venue.

I had someone asked me “what does mental health have to do with golf?” I was surprised that the person didn’t get it. My question was, “why not golf?” It is a part of life that a certain culture of folks participate in routinely. I play golf. So why not? Why not all sports?

Now we need your help. If you know golfers in the Atlanta area please spread the word to either play, be a sponsor or both.

Hear the Music Mental Health Awareness Golf Classic 2022
COME ON LETS DO THIS! You do not have to be a great golfer, just someone who wants to have a great time while sending the message, “Hear The Music” and “STOP STIGMA!”
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