Nathaniel’s Place

1 Man 2 Instruments​

Nathaniel Anthony Ayers demonstrates his love for music and his talent at the American Music Therapy Association Convention last year (2009) in San Diego, California, after everyone opted to pack up their instruments for a moment of rest.

Nathaniel Ayers Playing Guitar in San Diego 2009​

Nathaniel Ayers, in San Diego 2009, at our very first American Music Therapy Association Conference. He had a ball and has not forgotten it! In this video he was in his room, playing a guitar that Al Bumanis (AMTA) gave to him. I had gone by to pick him up to go downstairs and found this. He was a happy man during the days of being recognized and respected because of a book and a movie. Where is that now? Thanks Al for giving him that guitar!

Mr. Ayers Performs on 60 Minutes​

Take a moment to enjoy Mr. Nathaniel Ayers' talents, accompanied by pianist Joanne Pearce-Martin.

Nathaniel Ayers Plays Violin at 2009 NAMI Convention​

Nathaniel Ayers, of The Soloist, performed at the 2009 NAMI National Convention to a packed room at the San Francisco Hilton.