‘Let Me Have My Son’ Coming Soon

14 Feb

‘Let Me Have My Son’ Coming Soon

Cristóbal Krusen, attended an event where I did the keynote presentation, it was for NAMI Minnesota. We spoke in passing as he shared his appreciation for the message I delivered. That was back in 2016, then a few years ago he called me to tell me about this amazing film project (movie) he had been working on for a number of years, he needed support and I offered what I could. The film is about his family’s experiences as they navigated through dealing with the mental health of his son. I’m sure they made many sacrifices through out the years, but now here it is! The movie will be released in May 2023 (Mental Health Awareness month), a possible screening will be here in the Atlanta area. The movie has already won awards at various film festivals! Check out the trailer.

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