Socks On

23 Feb

Socks On

Years ago while working with Fulton County as I served in a teaching, counselor and Auditor role, I would visit The Georgia Baptist Children’s Home campus in Palmetto, Ga. My heart went out to the youth there and to the house parents working with the youth. The youth seemed to be happy there, but we all know “there is no place like home.” Unfortunately, the youth were there because of what was going on at their home.

Currently The Friends of Ayers Foundation is conducting the “SOCKS ON” campaign. This is where we are reaching out to organizations who provide services for individuals who have a mental health condition. We are donating at least 100 pairs of socks and though we understand that 100 pairs of socks is not enough, we like to think of it as a jump start. Even though The Georgia Baptist Children’s Home does not specifically serve youth with a mental health condition, my past experience and visits there reminded me that they still need help, especially now.

If you live in the area of Georgia Baptist Children’s Home, please reach out to them by calling, 770-463-3800 – to make donations of new items like socks, clothing (t-shirts, underwear, slacks for boys and girls), hygiene items, (toothpaste, brushes, soap, deodorant), or consider donating gift cards to GBCH. Many of the agencies that provide specific services to the public and specific target groups are experiencing loss in funding and could really use YOUR help.

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